Stealth SMS Forwarding Features

1. Forward incoming and outgoing SMS to another cellular phone automatically.

All SMS text messages are forwarded not only on GSM networks either.

2. The software does not have GUI or application icon in phone application menu.

Totally Hidden from the menu, runs completely in the background!

3. StealthSMS is configured and controlled by SMS remotely.

Once you install the software you can completely control it via SMS without ever having to touch the phone again.

4. The forwarded number is configurable remotely at any time.

Change the Predefined Number at ANY time just by sending an SMS code.

5. Turn on or off the Application at ANY time remotely.

YOU decide when to receive messages or turn it off completely without touching the target phone.

6. The software starts up automatically upon phone boot.

Once the phone is turned on it automatically starts to forward all SMS messages.

7. The forwarded messages are deleted automatically

Logs of forwarded messages are deleted automatically.

8. Stealth SMS Forwarding detects command messages and handles them internally. Delivery report of forwarded messages is disabled.

Phone secretly receives your commands without logging or showing records of received commands to operate the software.

9. Information about the message sender / receiver is included in the forwarded message content so the user knows who send / receive the original message.

Know the number of who is sending the messages or who the messages are being sent to.

10. The log of Stealth SMS Forwarder forwarded messages is automatically removed from phone database

No Trace of forwarded messages!

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